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October Events Quiz

As October ended yesterday, I thought I'd check your memory and your knowledge of Tudor history events that took place in the month of October.

Good luck!

And don't forget, you can find all the answers on the Tudor Society website!


#1. Which of these men died in the Tower of London on 31 October 1537 after being involved romantically with Margaret Douglas?

#2. On which church door was Martin Luther said to have posted his 95 Theses on 31 october 1517?

#3. The trial of Mary, Queen of Scots, started here on 14 October 1586.

#4. Mary I was crowned by this churchman on 1 October 1553.

#5. Sir Walter Ralegh was executed here on 29th October 1618.

#6. Queen Elizabeth I became ill with this on 10 October 1562.

#7. Who sang a mass to Henry VIII and the French ambassadors at St Paul's on 3 October 1518?

#8. Who was the governor of the Roanoke Colony who returned to England on 24 October 1590?

#9. Queen Jane Seymour gave birth to a son, Edward, here on 12 October 1537.

#10. This poet died on 17 October 1586 from a wound suffered in battle.


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October Events Quiz