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Nathen Amin – Henry VII: The Man – Expert Talk

Nathen Amin, author of The House of Beaufort and Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders: Simnel, Warbeck, and Warwick is our August expert speaker and here he is with a wonderful talk on Henry VII:

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  1. L

    I enjoyed your talk very much, and I did take away from your talk a much better view of King Henry VII – the Man – than I had of Henry Tudor before. You are right! There is so much more to this man. He achieved much more leading up to (and including) his 23 year reign, than many of his people and others ever knew or appreciated. Also much admired by diplomats from other countries.
    I look forward to learning much more about Henry VII – the man. Great talk Nathen.
    Thank you! – from Lyndell in Australia

  2. R

    Hi Nathen and thanks for a wonderful talk. I have always thought that Henry Vii gets a poor press because of his policy of financial penalties but that was a man who had suffered much loss and many years of threats from rivals and Pretenders, attempting to secure his throne for the next generation. He was a family man and he did leave a visible legacy as well in the building of palaces and the beautiful Chapel at Westminster Abbey. It is always good to look below the surface to find the man behind the King. This talk gives us fresh insight into a King who was seen as shadowy, especially compared to his son. Yet his son was to turn into a paranoid tyrant during his later years, despite his colourful early reign.

    Thanks for an enlightened talk.

    Cheers from Liverpool.

  3. V

    Hi Nathan thank you for a very interesting talk and glad to hear that he was a wonderful family man and had great love for this wife and children and yes he suffered many years of sorrow and threats to this kingdom and during his time the economy flourished and at his death he left the kingdom more stable than ever. I look forward to reading more about Henry VII
    Cheers from Vicki – Sydney Australia

  4. J

    Excellent talk!

    You really got me thinking about H7 and his legacy when you mentioned that he didn’t start imposing such punishing financial burdens on the kingdom until the end of his reign. Is is possible that he knew he was dying, and in an effort to secure a peaceful transition, that he imposed these penalties to prevent the nobles from being able to finance an army against H8? Or possibly to give his son an opportunity to come in on a high note by reducing those burdens?

    Loved seeing your cat popping into the video as well!!

  5. T

    Thank you Nathan! H7 gets overshadowed by his son & granddaughter, but you show us he was a highly intelligent interesting man in his own right! More than the dour Winter King. It is also ironic that H8 was the son of a man who loved his wife. But in fairness to H8, he was trying to get that male heir to achieve the peaceful transision of power. Something he would have learned from his father. Hello from New Castle Pennsylvania USA

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Nathen Amin – Henry VII: The Man – Expert Talk