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May Tudor Events Quiz

How much do you know about May's "on this day in Tudor history" events?

Test yourself with this fun Sunday quiz!

Grab your favourite snack and beverage, make yourself comfortable, and let's begin.

May Tudor Events Quiz

Q1) A riot took place in May 1517 in London when young apprentices and labours attacked the properties and shops of foreign traders. On which date in May did it take place?

1 May

3 May

31 May

14 May

Q2) Mary, Queen of Scots, escaped from this castle on 2nd May 1568.

Stirling Castle

Inverness Castle

Lochleven Castle

Braemar Castle

Q3) Where were the remains of Henry VII taken on 9th May 1509 before he was then taken to Westminster Abbey?

St George's Chapel, Windsor

St Paul's

Westminster Hall

St James's Palace

Q4) Martin Luther's books were burned at St Paul's on 12th May 1521, but who preached a two-hour sermon at this event?

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Bishop Hugh Latimer

Bishop Nicholas Ridley

Bishop John Fisher

Q5) What royal event took place in London on 31st May 1533?

The coronation procession of Queen Anne Boleyn

Procession and prayers for the quickening of Queen Jane Seymour's baby

The execution of Queen Anne Boleyn

The birth of Queen Elizabeth I.

Q6) This royal lady's birthday was 31st May - who was she?

Elizabeth of York

Catherine of Aragon

Margaret Tudor

Margaret Beaufort

Q7) The wedding date of King Henry VIII and Queen Jane Seymour was .....

20 May 1536

30 May 1536

19 May 1536

25 May 1536

Q8) A triple wedding took place at this London residence of the Dudley family on 25 May 1553.

Chelsea Manor

Somerset House

Russell House

Durham House

Q9) True or false: John Forest, who was martyred on 22nd May 1538, was a Protestant?



Q10) James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, divorced this woman on 7th May 1567 for her alleged adultery with her servant.

Jean Gordon

Mary Seton

Mary, Queen of Scots

Sarah Hamilton

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May Tudor Events Quiz