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May 2021 – Tudor Life – Envy

Were the Tudors an envious lot? Well, in this magazine you'll soon find out...

This month the magazine contains:

  • The Rivalry of Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn by Roland Hui
  • The Musical Envy of Henry VIII by Jane Moulder
  • The 1534 Anne Boleyn Medal Expert Talk with Lucy Churchill
  • An Envious Queen by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • Tudor Rivals Quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • Jealous Queens and Their Rivals in Tudor Literature by Lauren Browne
  • Tudor Members’ Bulletin by Tim Ridgway
  • Blanche Parry, Queen Elizabeth I’s Loyal Servant by Susan Abernethy
  • Sibling Rivalry - Mary Queen of Scots and James Stewart by Gayle Hulme
  • Editor’s Recommendations - Books on Envy by Gareth Russell
  • Midhurst by Ian Mulcahy
  • Beware the Cat! A Tudor novel by Toni Mount
  • Hans Holbein: The Artist in a Changing World | A History of Death in 17th Century England Book Reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • Go Fish From the Spicery with Rioghnach O’Geraghty

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May 2021 – Tudor Life – Envy