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March 14 – A mumbling judge causes problems

On this day in Tudor history, 14th March 1540, Sir John Port died at Bewdley. Unfortunately, he's not remembered for his intelligence, his work or even his legal notes, which were published in the 20th century. No, he's remembered for mumbling in a case and changing the outcome! Oh dear!

I explain what happened and share more information on this man.

Also on this day in history:

  • 1471 - Death of Sir Thomas Malory, known for his work "Le Morte d'Arthur", which he wrote in prison. He was laid to rest in St Francis's Chapel, Greyfriars, Newgate.
  • 1553 – Death of Arthur Bulkeley, Bishop of Bangor, at his home in Bangor. He was buried in the cathedral choir.
  • 1555 - Death of Sir John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford, courtier, envoy and landowner, at his home on the Strand in London. Russell served Henry VIII as Lord High Admiral and Lord Privy Seal, following the fall of Thomas Cromwell. He was an executor of Henry VIII's will, and carried on as Lord Privy Seal in the reigns of Edward VI and Mary I.

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March 14 – A mumbling judge causes problems