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Katherine the Queen – Sudeley Castle – Lil’s Book Reviews

Today's Friday video is a stunning look at Sudeley Castle from Lil, along with her wonderful review of Katherine the Queen by Linda Porter. Lil even reads a few perfect extracts for us from the beautiful grounds of Sudeley. Thank you Lil for this video!

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    Thanks for your review! I haven’t read it yet, but its on my list for Christmas. I guess maybe Linda Porter is taking in o consideration that Katherine was really the first queen she was able to observe? She was at court more often, and she was able to see Katherine’s strength. I don’t know if she was there during the investigation with Bishop Gardiner and her brilliant handling of Henry. But she was there when Katherine was regent and would have noticed things. I don’t knw, maybe that’s what she means? Anyway, thanks for your review, i enjoy them, and he views of the places you go. Thanks. Michelle t

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Katherine the Queen – Sudeley Castle – Lil’s Book Reviews