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Katherine Howard Quiz

This week was the anniversary of Archbishop Cranmer informing the king of his fifth wife's colourful past, so it seems apt to test our knowledge of this queen - good luck!

Katherine Howard Quiz

Q1) Katherine Howard joined the Tudor court as a maid-of-honour to which queen consort?

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Catherine of Aragon

Q2) Her father was a younger brother of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, what was his first name?





Q3) This person died when Katherine was about five years old.

Her father

Her mother

Anne Boleyn

All of the above

Q4) This man admitted to the Privy Council that Francis Dereham fell into despair when he found out about Henry VIII's relationship with Katherine Howard and hoped that he could resume his relationship with her.

Henry Manox

Robert Damport

Thomas Culpeper

John Lassells

Q5) When Queen Katherine started to spend extra time alone with Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford (during the Culpeper affair), her sister, who was also one of her ladies became jealous - What was her name? This lady was also one of the ladies who went with Katherine to Syon Abbey.

Lady Isabella Baynton

Lady Anne Knyvet

Lady Dorothy Bray

Lady Jane Dudley

Q6) True or false: Katherine was romantically linked with Thomas Culpeper when she first came to court to serve Anne of Cleves?



Q7) This man was responsible for taking an inventory of Katherine's jewels after her fall from favour.

John Arundel

Thomas Seymour

Richard Gage

Thomas Wriothesley

Q8) This lady was Keeper of the Queen's Jewels to Katherine Howard.

Lucy Somerset

Margaret Garneys

Anne Herbert

Jane Boleyn

Q9) On 6th November 1541, the councillors went to King Henry VIII to tell him what they had discovered from their questioning. When they had finished, the king....

Sat quietly and then wept

Stood up and yelled at the men

Walked out of the room without a word


Q10) Who did Thomas Culpeper blame for his relationship with the queen?


Katherine Howard

Jane Boleyn

Katherine and Jane

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Katherine Howard Quiz