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June 2020 – Tudor Life – The Poor

Often overlooked when we examine the past, the poor were a key and important part of everyday life in Tudor times. This month's 82-page magazine examines how the Tudors saw the poor and takes us into some interesting places!

This month the magazine contains:

  • Queen Mary I: Washing the Feet of the Poor by Susan Abernethy
  • Communal giving and merrymaking by Lauren Browne
  • What did the Tudor Poor do for Fun? by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • Funding the Royal Family by Gayler Hulme
  • The Exeter Conspiracy that wasn’t… by Kyra C. Kramer
  • The Portraiture of Anne of Cleves by Roland Hui
  • Editor’s Picks - books on the poor by Gareth Russell
  • A visit to Ditchling by Ian Mulcahy
  • Tudor Marriages Quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • The Tumultuous life of Sir Walter Raleigh Part 2 by Toni Mount
  • Uncrowned Queen | The Mirror and the Light book reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • Always talking Tudor an interview with Natalie Grueninger by Catherine Brooks
  • Why write in dark times? by Wendy J. Dunn
  • Worth its weight in gold: Saffron and Rose by Rioghnach O’Geraghty
  • June’s “On this day” by Claire Ridgway

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June 2020 – Tudor Life – The Poor