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July 7 – The Dudley Conspiracy and the Father of English Botany

On this day in Tudor history, 7th July 1556, in the reign of Queen Mary I, Henry Peckham and John Danyell were hanged, drawn and quartered after being found guilty of treason for their involvement in the Dudley Conspiracy.

But what was the Dudley Conspiracy? And who was involved in it? What happened?

Let me explain...

Further reading: "Two Tudor Conspiracies" by David Loades -

And on this day in 1568, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, naturalist, herbalist, ornithologist, reformer and physician William Turner died. Turner, “the father of English botany and of ornithology”, died.

Enjoy this overview of Turner's life and career, including his attacks on Bishop Gardiner, and his time in exile, plus a bit of trivia about the training of his little dog.

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