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July 31 – Henry Grey, father of Lady Jane Grey, is released from the Tower

On this day in Tudor history, 31st July 1553, in the reign of Queen Mary I, Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, was “discharged out of the Tower by the Earle of Arundell and had the Quenes pardon.”

Suffolk had been imprisoned after Mary I had overthrown his daughter, Queen Jane, or Lady Jane Grey, and been proclaimed queen on 19th July 1553. Suffolk's release was down to his wife, Frances, interceding with her cousin the queen and begging for mercy.

But who was Henry Grey and how did he go from being pardoned to being executed in 1554?

Video on Henry Grey's execution and the story regarding his head -

Also on this day in Tudor history, 31st July 1549, Edmund Sheffield, 1st Baron Sheffield, was killed by a butcher during Kett's Rebellion in East Anglia.

What happened? Find out in this edition of #TudorHistoryShorts...

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