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John Cheyne – Julian Humphrys

This weeks' Friday Video is all about John Cheyne, Baron Cheyne, his life and his links to Salisbury Cathedral. Enjoy!

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  1. L

    Thank you Julian.
    I am a newer member of the Tudor Society. I noticed your talk and thought I’d watch, listen and learn. Lovely to ‘meet’ you and I found your talk very interesting indeed.
    It was fascinating to learn about John Cheyne’s allegiance to Edward IV, his attempted rescue of the Princes in the Tower, and what led him to side with Henry Tudor. Especially interesting hearing about how he very likely saved Henry’s life as Richard III ‘came in for the kill’ as it were. As you say, rewarded by Henry VII (and rightly so) as if Henry hadn’t been saved that day, the Tudor dynasty would never have began.
    Quite amazing as to what might have been! Again, thank you for your informative talk.
    Kind regards, Lyndell

  2. L

    Great video about a very interesting man!!

  3. R

    Interesting background about John Chenye and he was quite a big man. Interesting to find out more about the man who Richard iii during his valiant charge knocked of his horse. It shows that nothing held him back, certainly not his scoliosis. If Cheyne hadn’t got in the way Richard would definitely have cut Henry Tudor down on the spot and who knows where history would have gone.

    Not saying Henry was a coward but who was praised for dying manfully in the deepest press of his enemies?

  4. J

    Thank you for a fascinating video! I loved the up close photos of his tomb.

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John Cheyne – Julian Humphrys