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January 2021 – Tudor Life – Lust

Happy new year! 2021 will undoubtedly be a better year than 2020... and to start you off, here's the JANUARY magazine on the subject of lust ...

This month the magazine contains:

  • Can we ever know what the tudors looked like? by Nathen Shipley
  • 1536: Henry VIII’s Declining Manhood by Emma Levitt
  • Is this part of the lost Tudor crown? by Leanda de Lisle
  • Lusty old Louis by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • The Sins of Youth by Lauren Browne
  • Some dangerous impacts of lust by Gareth Russell
  • Lusty Sons by Roland Hui
  • Tudor Titles Crossword Quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • Margaret Tudor’s Journey to Scotland by Susan Abernethy
  • Editor’s Picks - books on Lust by Gareth Russell
  • Jousting Still Happens! Photo montage by Claire and Tim Ridgway
  • Sir Henry Wyatt 1460-1537 by Toni Mount
  • Wide ranging history knowledge an interview with Gareth Russell by Catherine Brooks
  • Lost without a trace: The search for a plan of the “Lost” Fortress at Haddington by Jon Cooper
  • The Peasants’ Revolting LIves | An Alternative History of Britain book reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • But it’s good for you by Rioghnach O’Geraghty

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  1. R

    Thanks for the first Magazine of 2021. Happy New Year and good wishes to Claire and Tim and everyone. ❤️❤️🎉

  2. L

    Yes, thanks for these great magazines as always! And Happy New Year to all!!!

  3. C

    Happy New Year 2021 to all!
    So many interesting articles! The Tudor Life Magazine never disappoints! I am so looking forward to Toni Mount’s next article about the Wyatt men.

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January 2021 – Tudor Life – Lust