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January 2020 – Tudor Life – The Greys

Here's the full version of your monthly magazine: January's Tudor Life magazine is 76 pages long and is themed with information about the Grey family.

This month the magazine contains:

  • Shades of Grey by Gareth Russell
  • Lady Mary Grey by Susan Abernethy
  • Katherine Willoughby An expert talk by Tony Riches
  • Lady Katherine Grey by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • The portraiture of Lady Jane Grey by Roland Hui
  • Birth Date Crossword Quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • The Places that Lady Jane Grey Knew by Tamise Hills
  • EDITOR’S PICKS - Books on the Grey Family by Gareth Russell
  • Bradgate Park Photo Montage by Tim Ridgway
  • Christmas at Lincoln Cathedral by Catherine Brooks
  • Time To Re-Decorate by Toni Mount
  • Richard III | Henry VIII book reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • A Passion for Wales and the Tudors an interview with Nathen Amin by Catherine Brooks
  • The Waking Dream: More about the Drafting Process by Wendy J. Dunn
  • Cakes of Cheese by Rioghnach O’Geraghty
  • January’s “On this day” by Claire Ridgway

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  1. M /

    Wonderful download Tim and Happy New Year to you and Claire and all of the people at the Tudor Society.

  2. M /

    Thought you might want to know your title is ‘January 2019’ instead of 2020. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who does this 👍😆

    1. < /

      Ha! Yes! I remember in the days of writing cheques that it would take me most of the year to get used to the right date and then it would ne New Year again.

      1. M /

        Happily I don’t write many checks anymore and I am proud to say the only one I’ve written so far this month I got the year right. Quite an accomplishment!

        1. < /

          Well done!

          1. M /

            Thank you.😆

  3. < /

    As someone else pointed out, it is January 2020 now, but I know we all do that. Also, you have listed my book reviews from last month’s issue, not this month (they are correct in the actual magazine).

    1. < /

      Actually, looking again, I think all the information is incorrect?

      1. < /

        Thank you for letting us know. It’s really weird. The taster is correct and Tim remembers copy and pasting and then changing it all, so it’s odd, it mustn’t have saved properly. Oh well. No harm done.

  4. L /

    Had a quick flick through the magazine as i do and have to admit I’m really looking forward to reading it. I have always thought your magazine interesting with beautiful photos to complement the articles within the magazine, thanks 😊

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January 2020 – Tudor Life – The Greys