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Important Tudor Dates Quiz

No, I'm not talking about Henry VIII's love-life!

As you will know from my "on this day in Tudor history" videos and posts, there are many, many momentous Tudor dates. The Tudor period was packed full of important Tudor events. So, for this week's Sunday quiz, I decided to test you on just a few of them. I hope you have a head for dates!

Important Tudor dates

Q1) What was the date of the Battle of Bosworth, the battle that saw the defeat of Richard III and his troops by Henry Tudor and his troops?

22 August 1485

19 August 1485

22 August 1487

21 August 1485

Q2) On which of these dates was King Henry VIII born?

28 January 1475

21 June 1491

28 June 1491

7 September 1489

Q3) On which of these dates did Arthur, Prince of Wales, die, leaving his brother Henry as next in line to the throne?

14 November 1501

28 January 1502

29 January 1502

2 April 1502

Q4) On which of these dates was Queen Elizabeth I crowned at Westminster Abbey?

15 January 1559

17 November 1558

24 June 1559

1 June 1559

Q5) On which date was Edward VI born?

24 October 1537

1 November 1537

2 October 1537

12 October 1537

Q6) Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn got married on 25th January 1533, but chronicler Edward Hall also gives an earlier date - what is it?

1 September 1532

7 September 1532

12 October 1532

14 November 1532

Q7) On which date did Mary I officially become queen, taking the throne from Queen Jane (Lady Jane Grey)?

10 July 1553

19 July 1553

6 July 1553

12 July 1553

Q8) Mary, Queen of Scots was executed on this date in 1587...

19 May

13 February

8 February

12 February

Q9) Henry VIII married Jane Seymour on this day in 1536...

20 May

30 May

19 May

25 May

Q10) The Field of Cloth of Gold meeting between Henry VIII and Francis I started on this day in 1520...

7 June

8 June

24 June

3 June

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Important Tudor Dates Quiz