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Henry VII’s Early Life Quiz

As yesterday was the anniversary of Henry Tudor landing on the Pembrokeshire coastline in 1485 in preparation for claiming the throne of England, I thought I'd test your knowledge of Henry VII's early life, from his birth in 1457 to his defeat of Richard III in 1485.

Get those little grey cells working with this fun quiz.


#1. Henry VII's mother was Lady Margaret Beaufort, but who was his father?

#2. Henry was born here on 28th January 1457.

#3. In 1462, Henry was made a ward of this man.

#4. In 1471, Henry and his uncle escaped from a besieged Pembroke Castle and escaped to this coastal town.

#5. Henry and his uncle fled into exile to this duchy of France.

#6. At Christmas in this year, at Rennes Cathedral, Henry vowed to marry Elizabeth of York.

#7. Henry's father held this earldom.

#8. Henry used this on one of his banners in the lead up to Bosworth and at the battle.

#9. Henry landed here on 7th August 1485 to claim the throne of England.

#10. Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth on this date in 1485.


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    6/10 not too bad. Need to brush up a bit tho ☺️

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Henry VII’s Early Life Quiz