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Harvington Hall – Philippa, roving reporter

In her very first roving reporter video, Philippa Lacey Brewell visits the beautiful moated manor house, Harvington Hall.

If you'd like to know more about Harvington Hall and visiting it, you can make note of the information Philippa gives in the video or visit the hall's website at

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  1. S

    This is very good….what a nice tour!…..have read about it so it is nice to get a little look-see!

  2. P

    I enjoyed doing this report so much! There is now a new house manager so I expect opening times and the visitor experience to change even more for the better. There is currently renovation work going on (Summer and Autumn 2020) so is not open to the public.

  3. J

    Take a step into history with Philippa Lacey Bruell’s thrilling travelogue debut as she explores the enchanting Harvington Hall, a picturesque moated manor steeped in centuries of charm and intrigue.
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    In this inaugural video, Philippa offers a first-hand look at the appeal of Harvington Hall, highlighting its rich historical significance and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re a history buff or simply fascinated by architectural wonders, Philippa’s insights promise to enthrall and inform.

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Harvington Hall – Philippa, roving reporter