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Happy Easter!

Tim and I would just like to take this opportunity to say a very Happy Easter to all Tudor Society members. We hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to today.

Find out more about how Easter Sunday was celebrated in Tudor times, and also enjoy some photos I took at a re-enactment of the Easter story, in my article Easter Sunday.

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  1. L

    Thanks Claire and Tim! I hope that you had a very Happy Easter as well!

  2. R

    Wonderful photos, thanks. Happy Easter to Claire and Tim and family and everyone here at the Tudor Society.

    Spent the afternoon in the park as very hot here. I now have sore feet but it was a lovely day.

    Take care.

  3. M

    Thank you! Hope you’ve had a great day! Michelle t

  4. S

    Happy belated Easter to you and your family and a special Thanks for all the hard work you are doing with the On This Day videos.

    Much appreciated.


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Happy Easter!