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Happy Easter to all Tudor Society members!

A very Happy Easter to you!

I'm just going to repost this information from last year's post by Emma and Merel...

Happy Easter! Today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. As it is Easter Sunday, we are looking at how the Tudors celebrated this feast. 

In Tudor times the candles in the church and around the Easter sepulchre were extinguished and then re-lit by the priest from a fire. An Easter sepulchre is a tomb in medieval churches in which the altar crucifix was buried from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. This sepulchre was opened and a special mass was held to celebrate. 

As Easter Sunday marked the end of Lent, a period with restricted diets, it was celebrated with good food. That meant that dairy products and meat, such as roasted chicken, lamb and veal, were back on the menu. 

Information from: Tudor Feast Days

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Happy Easter to all Tudor Society members!