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Hampton Court Palace Quiz

A fun quiz on the history of Hampton Court Palace which still stands on the bank of the Thames today.

Hampton Court Palace

Q1) Who acquired Hampton Court in 1514 and began building the palace complex?

Henry VIII

Thomas More

Thomas Wolsey

Giles Daubeney

Q2) In which year did Cardinal Wolsey lose Hampton Court Palace and York Place to Henry VIII?





Q3) How much money, in today's terms, is it said that Henry VIII spent on extending and improving the palace in just 10 years?

1 million

18 million

8 million

10 million

Q4) Which of Henry VIII's children was born at Hampton Court Palace?

Mary I

Elizabeth I

Edward VI

Henry, Duke of Cornwall

Q5) Who baptised Edward VI at his christening at Hampton Court Palace on 15th October 1537?

William Warham

Rowland Lee

Stephen Gardiner

Thomas Cranmer

Q6) Who bore the chrisom cloth at Edward VI's christening at Hampton Court Palace?

Edward's half-sister Mary

Edward's half-sister Elizabeth

Thomas Seymour

Thomas Boleyn

Q7) Whose heart is said to be buried in the Chapel Royal of Hampton Court Palace?

Jane Seymour's

Edward VI's

Henry VIII's

Catherine Howard's

Q8) Whose ghost is said to haunt the "Haunted Gallery"?

Jane Seymour's

Anne Boleyn's

A dog's

Catherine Howard's

Q9) Who is said to haunt Clock Court?

Jane Seymour

Sibell Penn, Edward VI's nurse

Wolsey's dog

Anne Boleyn

Q10) Which of his wives did Henry VIII marry in the Palace's Chapel Royal?

Anne Boleyn

Catherine Parr

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Q11) Whose company of actors performed in the Great Hall for James I in 1603?

Lord Strange's

Lord Howard's

William Shakespeare's

Q12) The Palace's astronomical clock still works today, but when was it installed on the gatehouse to the inner court?





Q13) Who owns Hampton Court Palace today?

The Queen

Historic Royal Palaces

A private consortium

Q14) Who was commissioned by William III and Mary II to rebuild Hampton Court?

Inigo Jones

Thomas Cartwright

William Arnold

Christopher Wren

Q15) Archbishop Cranmer gave Henry VIII a letter in the Palace's Chapel Royal in 1540 - who/what was it about?

A plot against the King

Catherine Howard's sexual past

A plot against Cranmer

Catherine Howard's affair with Thomas Culpeper

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  1. E

    Preposterous. I was unable to check my answers.
    Not happy. I am not a happy chappy.

    1. C - Post Author

      You just need to click on “check my answers” and it gives you your score and shows your correct answers in green and your wrong answers in red.

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Hampton Court Palace Quiz