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Glad tidings abound!

In this week's Friday video, I share a few bits of good news, and we all definitely need that!

As soon as the Advent Calendars go live, I will share links to them, so do watch out!

You can order the Anne Boleyn Files Tudor Calendar 2021 at Calendars are usually printed in 3-5 business days, and shipping is worldwide. You can scroll to the bottom of that page to change the currency and language.

Here's the video I did on it, which shows the photos for each month.

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  1. M

    Great stuff! Thank you. Michelle t

  2. R

    Great stuff. I am watching the Tracy Borman three parts Fall of Anne Boleyn and seeing the reconstruction of Anne’s face from the Moost Happi Medal was fantastic.

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Glad tidings abound!