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Get your live-streaming ticket for Saturday 24 September!

an-eveningAs you know, Tim and I are going to be in London on Saturday night for MadeGlobal Publishing's "An Evening with the Authors" along with Tudor Life magazine contributors like Gareth Russell, Kyra Kramer, Jane Moulder, Beth von Staats, Melanie V Taylor... and lots of other authors and historians from the medieval and Tudor world (well, modern day world!).

I know some of you are actually coming to London, and I can't wait to meet you, but I just wanted to remind you that live-streaming tickets are available so that you can enjoy interviews and the panel discussions etc. The live-stream is private and ticketed, so you will need to buy a ticket - see for all the details.

I'll be away for a few days but I've scheduled articles, the weekly quiz etc. for you to enjoy and I will have lots of things to tell you about when I get back. While we're in the UK we're visiting the Tower of London, London Charter House, Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle... Phew!

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Get your live-streaming ticket for Saturday 24 September!