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February Live Chats – 16th and 24th February

As usual, we have two live chats this month: an informal chat and an expert live chat. Both will take place in our chatroom at

Our informal live chat is on Queen Mary I. This type of live chat is an opportunity for our members to share their views on the topic, pose questions, share book recommendations and to get to know each other. I (Claire) act as moderator, just to keep an eye on things. They're always good fun and everyone, from newbie to historian, is welcome. No question is a stupid one after all!

The chat on Mary I will take place on Friday 16th February and here are the times in the different time zones:

On Saturday 24th February, Natalie Grueninger, author of "Discovering Tudor London" and co-author of "In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII", will be joining us in the chatroom to answer your questions on her talk on Anne Boleyn and also her research and books. If you haven't watched her video yet, you can catch up with it at

Here are the details of the live chat:

Please do join us in the chatroom!

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