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Facebook Live – Tudor Books – Claire Ridgway

On 10 September Claire Ridgway was in the Members Only Facebook Group answering questions on the best Tudor books for a wide range of topics, people and places. Here's the video for those who were not able to attend. See you at the next one!?

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  1. M

    Thank you! I hope you are feeling better, or on the mend. Always love a book discussion. I really loved Diarmond MacCullough’s book on Cromwell. I didn’t read Cramner but intend to. Can you guys maybe have him come? Anyway, thanks again. Michelle t

  2. H

    Just a note, Jean Plaidy wrote as Victoria Holt and Phillipa Carr. all worth reading.
    As Carr, it’s a diary from the women in the family from Elizabeth I to WW I, when she passed. Her real name was Victoria Hibbert. I wrote to her and a lovely lady.

  3. H

    Nora Lofts 1st Anne Boleyn was “the Concubine”. the first Anne Boleyn book I read was the self same title by Evelyn Anthony which started me on my interest in Anne.

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Facebook Live – Tudor Books – Claire Ridgway