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Expert Talk – Matthew Lewis – The Survival of the Princes in the Tower

This month we have a real treat - an expert talk by Matthew Lewis on the Princes in the Tower. We all have theories as to "who done it", but maybe there is another explanation for their disappearance? In this 52 minute talk exclusively for the Tudor Society, Matthew Lewis looks into all the possible theories surrounding this fascinating moment in history...

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  1. M

    Excellent talk Matthew! Thanks for sharing your fascinating thoughts with us.

    1. M

      Thank you Mary. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. R

    Thanks for your insights, Matthew, enjoyed your talk and book. Richard of England certainly had Henry Vii worried for ten years or more and Perkin Warbeck was obviously an invented name. The so called Princes could as easily have lived and been protected as been killed or died of ill health, or escaped abroad because we don’t know for certain what happened to them. We do know they were alive as late as September 1483, but what happened next? It’s a mystery but I am warming to the idea that they could have lived. The evidence is tantalising and makes you think.

    1. M

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the talk. I don’t claim to have solved anything, but I do believe that the idea they survived merits consideration alongside theories that they didn’t. Their survival beyond 1483 is too often dismissed out of hand, but I think it can be argued every bit as much as their murders in 1483.

  3. L

    What an amazing talk, I’ve learned so much and still I have questions. Matthew you have me thinking again about this piece of history.

  4. L

    I’m a little late getting here, but very much enjoyed this Expert Talk. There are so many weird pieces to this mystery (Elizabeth Woodville’s actions above all) that a straight up murder seems the most unlikely scenario. You’ve brought up some information new to me that just adds to my fascination with this subject. It is definitely at the top of my “If I Had a Time Machine” list!

    1. C

      It’s an incredibly interesting topic, isn’t it, Lisa, and Matthew makes some very good points.

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Expert Talk – Matthew Lewis – The Survival of the Princes in the Tower