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Elizabeth I Quiz – Early Life

As it's the anniversary of the birth of Queen Elizabeth I, the longest reigning of the Tudor monarchs, this week, I though I'd test your knowledge of Elizabeth I's early life, her preaccession life.

Good luck!


#1. Which of these dates was the birthdate of Queen Elizabeth I?

#2. Which astrological star sign was Elizabeth I?

#3. Elizabeth I was born here...

#4. Which of these ladies cared for Elizabeth in her first years and was concerned about her neglect and lack of clothing?

#5. How old was Elizabeth when her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed?

#6. Who did Elizabeth live with after the death of her father, Henry VIII?

#7. Following inappropriate behaviour from Thomas Seymour, Catherine Parr sent Elizabeth to this man's household...

#8. In which year was Elizabeth imprisoned in the Tower of London by MaryI?

#9. Following her release from the Tower of London, Elizabeth was sent here under house arrest...

#10. How old was Elizabeth when she became queen?


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Elizabeth I Quiz – Early Life