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Discussing Tudor History with Claire Ridgway – Facebook Live

Claire was live answering members' questions last night on our private Facebook group. Topics included Tudor tailors and Anne Boleyn's birth date plus lots more. Fascinating. Here's the replay.

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  1. M

    Thank you! Wonderful chat! I am about 3/4 through, but life doesn’t stop for Tudor history, though it should. About the 1501/1507 birth years, I don’t really have an opinion, because I don’t know enough and am not an expert in anything. I see both sides. Primarily for the 1501, the point about King Louis keeping her when he sent most of the English ladies away. Though, if she was that young, he probably viewed her as no threat. Someone who could stay, and he may have had a relationship with Thomas Boleyn too, like Margaret of Austria. I think that I don’t understand, if she was born in 1501, why she was not married by 1525/1526, when Henry got interested. She would have been a very desirable bride. So, anyway, I see both sides. I wish we knew, too. Now, to puck up my daughter. Thanks again! Michelle t

  2. M

    Now that I finished the video, I just wanted to add that Claire’s book about George Boleyn is a must read. Its one of my favorite non fiction books. Thanks again! Michelle t

  3. L

    Sorry I couldn’t join in this live event but I enjoyed watching this ‘reply’ very much! Also very impressed with your grasp of the new technology Claire. “Thank you” to Claire, Tim and All who joined in with great comments and questions. Most enjoyable. from Lyndell Prewett in rural Victoria, Australia.

  4. C

    I loved seeing the video live, and thought it was a greatly improved experience with the new FaceBook system. Looking forward to tonight on YouTube or FB live about Anne Boleyn.

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Discussing Tudor History with Claire Ridgway – Facebook Live