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Collecting engravings and old books

In this week's Claire Chats video I share my collection of engravings of Tudor people and places - it's my guilty pleasure!

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  1. R

    What an excellent collection!

    Two favourite original engravings that I have are the 1742 Hayward and Gascoyne engraving of the Tower of London in 1597, and the so-called ‘Anne Boleyn’ (taken from the Holbein drawing) by Wenceslas Hollar done in 1649.

    1. C - Post Author

      Those sound wonderful, Roland!

  2. A

    Fantastic video Claire! I literally could not stop laughing when your dog and cat appeared throughout the video and then that annoying fly! I could even hear it buzzing with my earphones in! hahaha

    Have you got a book on the drawings by holbein at windsor castle? It’s an old book from the 40s but honestly Claire, it’s one of my favourite tudor books. Its not rare either!

    1. C - Post Author

      Ooooh, tell me more about that book, Anthony, I’d love to add that to my collection. Thank you!

      Yes, that pesky fly was so annoying!

      1. A

        Basically it’s like the tudor and jacobean books you have where it has the text in the first half of the book and the second half is the plates of around 90 sketches of people from the court during Henry VIII by Holbein, loads of different people! It’s beautiful.

        Sadly it is in black and white since its an old book but it still feels stunning, it is resonably cheap too and not too rare on the web. The full title is “the drawings of holbein at windsor castle” by k.t. Parker.

        I would send some images of what it looks like inside but I want it to surprise you!

        Here is a link to a copy on eBay but it may be cheaper for a used copy off Amazon:

        It’s a treasure in my opinion Claire! 🙂

        1. C - Post Author

          Thank you so much, Anthony, I will definitely get a copy.

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Collecting engravings and old books