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Clare Cherry Talk – George Boleyn

You can see Clare and Claire's George Boleyn Interview series of videos:

Useful links and those mentioned in the interview:

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  1. A

    Hi Claire, I just heard this audio (there is just so much on the tudor society site that I didn’t have time for it uptill now 😉 . I thought it very refreshing and I heard some things that I took for granted but which apparantly are not based on facts (p.e. trial confession Jane Boleyn). I always thought she was the mayor witness and that she brought them both down!! I didn’t study English history, so everything I ‘know’ is from books and – as you say in the interview- if it is written by a well respected historian you tend to believe it is true.

  2. A

    Oops, mayor should be major I think hahah

    1. C - Post Author

      Don’t worry!

  3. D

    Great interview, thank you! Do we need to be members of the Anne Boleyn Fellowship too to view the John Guy link? I cant access it.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thanks for spotting that, Dawn, I’ve just added a PDF of John Guy’s review so you can have a read of it.

  4. D

    That was well worth the wait, thank you Claire. I have become increasingly frustrated with some dubious research and John Guy confirmed my concerns; he is an excellent historian.

    1. C - Post Author

      John Guy is meticulous with his research and is a lovely man too. He’s working on a book at the moment but is hoping to do something for the Tudor Society next summer when that’s finished.

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Clare Cherry Talk – George Boleyn