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Claire Reacts – The Restored Anne of Cleves Portrait

Join me as I react to the newly restored portrait of Anne of Cleves, painted by the renowned artist Hans Holbein the Younger in 1539. Housed in the Richelieu Wing of the Louvre Museum in Paris, this iconic portrait has undergone a transformative restoration, breathing new life into its captivating depiction of Henry VIII's fourth wife.

In this video, I'll be sharing videos taken by my dear friend, Dr. Owen Emmerson, who had the privilege of visiting the Louvre and capturing exclusive footage of the restored portrait. As we watch Dr Emmerson's videos together, we'll witness the unveiling of Anne of Cleves' portrait in its revitalised splendour, shedding light on the intricate details and vibrant colours that were previously obscured by time.

Prepare to be captivated as we react in real time to the stunning transformation of this Tudor masterpiece. From the delicate features of Anne's face to the rich hues of her regal attire decorated with pearls and jewels, every brushstroke comes to life with newfound clarity and brilliance.

So join me on this exciting journey of discovery as I delve into the artistry and history behind Hans Holbein's iconic portrait of Anne of Cleves. Watch now and experience the magic of Tudor portraiture restored to its former glory. #AnneOfCleves #HansHolbein #TudorArtistry

A huge thank you to Dr Owen Emmerson for sending me his footage. Owen is part of the Tudor Trio with fellow historians Kate McCaffrey and Nicola Tallis. They do wonderful videos and talks and you can catch up with them on their Tudor Trio patreon -

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    Wow is the first reaction I had to when gazing upon this lovely portrait, it just goes to show how dirty portraits get over time really the blue of that background is astonishing, and the intricate embroidery of her gown and headdress, I agree it must have been very heavy quite cumbersome for Anna to have worn, Holbein was an absolute master of detail and perfection he spared nothing in his portrait, Anna has been described as blonde but her eyebrows are dark therefore I think she must have been dark haired, but her complexion is creamy and yes I can see a beauty spot near her mouth, her eyes too are dark brown and I can see her bottom lashes, one can understand why Henry chose to marry Anna after seeing this portrait, she looks sweet docile and attractive, but he was so disappointed when he met her one wonders maybe the great master made her look more enchanting than she actually was? There is another portrait of her showing a side view of her face and she has a jutting out chin, her sister really was the beauty of the two with her long golden tresses, however Anna could not have been as bad as he made out, he described her body as slack inferring she was no maid when he bed her, but she has a very tiny waist, like the Victorian misses and it looks like it must have been no more than sixteen inches, she is I agree very petite, beautiful portrait, with its beautiful colours and it’s such a shame the ones he done of Anne Boleyn must have all been destroyed, what a great loss to the art world and to historians and fans of Henry’s second queen that is.

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Claire Reacts – The Restored Anne of Cleves Portrait