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Claire Chats – Changes to the Tudor Society website

In today's Claire Chats video, Claire explains the recent changes and additions to the Tudor Society website.

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  1. K


    Love the changes! Your hair looks lovely and hope your soreness abates quickly.

    I would not only purchase quarterly hard copy magazines, but would gladly subscribe to a Tudor Society Quarterly.

    Ask the experts is a grand idea. I’d love so see it featured either way (magazine or a section on the site).

    It really is astonishing how much work has been done since you launched the site almost 3 years ago. Your work and your growing list of experts and authors is just spectacular and a great service to history. So marvelous how your efforts combined with Made Global are making so much fascinating information accessible to so many.

    I love how you spoke of the membership as a real community. A scholar I am not, but membership makes it possible to grow my knowledge and love of history.

    Lastly, you may have answered this before, but I’m constantly looking at the open book that has been fooled into the shape of a flower behind you. Did you do that?

    Kim Carlisle
    Alexandria Virginia

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you, Kim, it’s a nice easy care style so I’m enjoying the change. I’m doing ok now, thanks, just a twinge every now and then, but nothing too bad.

      You can find the Ask the Expert contact form at if you have any questions you want answered.

      I love running the Tudor Society and I’m so happy that it’s grown. I really do feel that we have a wonderful community of experts and history lovers here, it’s lovely. I’m glad you enjoy being part of it.

      I didn’t do the paper folded book, it was a present. The book is actually “Postern of Fate” by Agatha Christie, and it is folded so cleverly, I love it. I do like my nick-nacks.

  2. S

    Claire, I love your hair style! It’s very becoming. Thank you for the changes on the Tudor Society website. There is just so much to explore and learn here. I’m glad I found it a year ago.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you! I needed a change so I thought I’d be radical ad get it all cut off.

      I’m glad you found it too and thank you for your support.

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Claire Chats – Changes to the Tudor Society website