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Christmas Food Quiz

How much do you know about the food that was traditional in Tudor times and food that is eaten at Christmas time in the UL today?

Test yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck!


#1. This 'miniature cabbage', which is sadly often served rather mushy and over boiled, often appears on the Christmas dinner plate in 21st century UK.

#2. This meat was used in the Tudor "minced pye".

#3. Marchpane, which was shaped into figures and objects, then often gilded, was made from this nut.

#4. How many ingredients did a Tudor 'minced pye' traditionally contain?

#5. On which of these occasions was a cake containing a dried bean enjoyed?

#6. What could be found at the bottom of the communal wassail bowl?

#7. In wealthier households, this animal's head would make a good centrepiece.

#8. This porridge-like dish made from cracked wheat, spices and dried fruit was a popular Christmas dish.

#9. What are pigs in blankets, a popular part of the Christmas Day dinner in modern-day UK?

#10. Ham, roast beef and goose are all popular at Christmas, but this is the most traditional meat served in the UK on Christmas Day.


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Christmas Food Quiz