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The Break with Rome Quiz

On Friday 24th June 2016 the majority of British people voted to leave the European Union and this had been compared by some newspapers to Henry VIII's Break with Rome. So, here you go, a Break with Rome quiz! Have fun and good luck!

The Break with Rome

Q1) Whose book, which challenged the Pope’s "temporal authority over king and emperor", helped Henry VIII see how he could get his marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled while also limiting the powers of the Pope in England?

Martin Luther's

William Tyndale's

John Calvin's


Q2) In which year did Convocation grant Henry VIII the title of "singular protector, supreme lord, and even, so far as the law of Christ allows, supreme head of the English church and clergy"?





Q3) In 2015, a book which contained " a summary of the theories of the medieval philosopher and theologian William of Ockham" regarding "the limits of the power of the pope, and the independence of the authority of monarchs", which is thought to have been used in Henry's quest for an annulment and to support his break with Rome, was found in which English county?





Q4) The Parliament that sat between 1529 and 1534, and which passed the legislation regarding the Break with Rome, is known as the...

The Break with Rome Parliament

The Dissolution Parliament

The Reformation Parliament

The Parliament of the Great Matter

Q5) In March 1532, the first part of the legal process of the Break with Rome began with the Act in Restraint of Annates. What were "annates"?

Ecclesiastical laws laid down by the Pope.

A payment made by ecclesiastical institutions to the Papacy.

Priests sent to England by the Papacy.


Q6) In 1534, an act abolishing an annual tax paid by householders to Rome was passed. This tax was known as....

Peter's Pence

Mary's Pence

Pope's Pence

St John's Pence

Q7) In which year was the First Act of Supremacy passed, declaring Henry VIII to be the supreme head of the English Church?





Q8) True or false: Even though she united England with Rome once more, Mary retained the title of Supreme Head of the Church of England.



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  1. R

    Why do you think that Mary kept a title which was abhorrent to her, did not square with the reconciliation she achieved, in theory, and was not an obvious choice for a Catholic sovereign? Do you think that the Supremacy of the Church in England could be interpreted as a Catholic title as long as England was fully reconciled with the Universal Church and papal authority or do you think that the Supremacy was so wrapped up in legislation that it would take too long to undo and it enhances the royal power and mystic so she kept it? I think that she saw some benefit of the title and also the legislation was complex. If you get papal authority, then I guess that you can interpret your inherited royal titles anyway you choose.

  2. R

    Many English Catholic Churches still have the box for Peter’s Pence which of course is voluntary which is paid to care for the Church and the poor of the Church.

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The Break with Rome Quiz