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Best Books about the Tudors

If you haven't got much room, or much money, or much time, or you're just starting out with building your Tudor book collection, what books should be on your "to buy" or "to borrow" list? In today's Claire Chats video talk, I share my recommendations.

You can see more recommended books on our Recommended Reading pages.

Documentaries can be found here, and, as I mentioned, you can also browse our Expert Talks, Claire Chats and magazines.

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  1. M

    Thank you! This was interesting and helpful. I loved Gareth Russell ‘s book on Catherine Howard. I just finished Diarmond MacCullough Thomas Cromwell book. This took me about 12 weeks to read (I borrowed it from the library). Extremely detailed. But I’m fascinated with Cromwell (among others), so I enjoyed it. Loved your book on George Boleyn, I have it. On my wishlist is your On This Day In Tudor History, which will have to wait til Christmas. I enjoy and love my membership and the videos, but I’m one who will enjoy flipping through based on an actual date, like family members birthdays and such. Anyway, thanks! Michelle t

    1. C - Post Author

      I must get hold of Diarmaid’s book on Cromwell, I just haven’t got round to it yet. yes, Gareth’s book is excellent.
      It is fun being able to tell people what dastardly deeds were done on their birthday! I share my birthday with Elizabeth of York, who unfortunately also died on her birthday!

      1. M

        Oh, that was recent! Happy belated birthday!

  2. E

    I’d already decided to shop for another bookshelf today. I do some Kindle, but… . Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. C - Post Author

      That’s ok!

  3. R

    I loved your recommendation list, many thanks and I have most of them so can recommend them, but I just want to add one which is topical at the moment as it ties into the fantastic movie, which is mostly accurate: Mary Queen of Scots.

    My Heart is My Own: Mary Queen of Scots John Guy 2004.

    There is also the reprint of the exact same book, as the tie in Mary Queen of Scots : Two Queens One Future 2019. Hint this is the same book but does not contain the references and notes which are in the earlier book, just a very hard to find link online. I looked and found it hard to find them. They were found after much searching.

    Either get the new one on Kindle which automatically has the notes and references or buy the older paperback which is still available on Amazon.


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Best Books about the Tudors