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Postscript books (Copy)I've mentioned Postscript Books before in videos, but I thought I'd write a post just highlighting them as a great resource for bargain history books. Thank you to Tudor Life contributor Olga Hughes for recommending them to me, what a find!

Postscript Books are a mailorder bookseller based in Devon, in the UK, and who offer books at up to 75% off publishers' prices. They can offer these discounts because the books are publishers' overstocks or remainders. By the way, I'm not affiliated to them in any way, I'm just a happy customer!

They have books on all types of subjects - archaeology, art, children's, gardening, cooking, health, reference, travel etc. - but I always turn straight to the history sections of their catalogues. In the May catalogue (I haven't received the June one yet), they have David Loades' Henry VIII for £3.99 (Paperback RRP 12.99), Robert Hutchinson's Young Henry: The Rise of Henry VIII for £3.99 (Hardback RRP $27.99, so it must be the US version), Fashion and Armour in Renaissance Europe by Angus Patterson for £5.99 (Hardback RRP £19.99), The Young Elizabeth by Alison Plowden for £2.50 (Paperback, RRP £9.99) and Design and the Decorative Arts: Tudor and Stuart Britain 1500-1714 by Michael Snodin and John Styles for £4.99 (Paperback RRP £19.95).

On their website, which is obviously more up-to-date, in their modern history section at, which covers 1500-1914, they have Mary Tudor by David Loades for £5.99, The Divorce of Henry VIII by Catherine Fletcher for £6.99, The Rise of the Tudors by Chris Skidmore for £7.99, Thomas Cromwell: The Rise and Fall of Henry VIII's Most Notorious Minister by Robert Hutchinson for £3.99, At Home with Henry VIII: His life, His wives, His palaces by Rose Shepherd for £5.99, The Seymours of Wolf Hall by David Loades for £6.99, Sir Walter Raleigh: In Life and Legend by Mark Nicholls and Penny Williams for £9.99, Tudor Queens of England by David Loades for £7.99, Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England by Thomas Penn for £9.99, Elizabeth of York by Alison Weir for £9.99, Thomas Cromwell by Tracy Borman, Elizabeth's Bedfellows by Anna Whitelock, and many many more. Sometimes they will just have one copy so it's first come, first served.

The homepage of their website is and they have a search facility so you can search for "Henry VIII", for example. They ship worldwide and you can find out their delivery rates at

Other booksellers I use are Amazon (a great selection and great prices) and, which is great for antique and out of print books.

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    My basket runneth over with all the books I’m buying! Thanks for these incredible resources!


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