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Artists in the Spotlight – Anthony

This week we put artist Anthony in the spotlight. He's 30 years old, from Birmingham, England and makes gorgeous drawings and paintings.

Drawings of Tudor people

When did you start making art?
"I started Art as a young child in school and it became a hobby during my home life and has been like that ever since!"

Where does your interest in the Tudors come from? When did that start?
"It all started when I watched an episode of Elizabeth R on television and I wanted to find out more about the Tudors, so I begun buying numerous books on them. I remember studying them in primary school too when I was young."

What inspired you to make art related to the Tudors?
"I always found the paintings of the Tudors just so beautiful from the faces to the costumes and jewels, so I set myself challenges to make 'mastercopys' of various pieces."

Do you have a favourite Tudor monarch? Who and why?
"My favourite Tudor monarch has to be Elizabeth I, she did a fantastic job being a queen and her story is just so captivating to this very day."

What is your favourite piece of art you have made?
"Probably my Jane Seymour portrait which is a copy of the famous Holbein piece which I was lucky enough to see in the flesh during a trip to Vienna."

Painting of Jane Seymour

How long does it take you to make your art?
"It can vary depending on the size/tool medium but usually a few weeks for an individual piece."

How do you make your art? What is the process?
"I mostly use oils, so on canvas I begin with a preparatory drawing, then begin with the dark bold colours and add all the details/blending later on and lastly varnish it."

Are you currently working on anything related to the Tudors?
"Actually a Stuart themed project. I'm working on a front cover design for a friend of mine who is writing a book of Anne of Denmark who really needs a biography!"

Want to see more of Anthony's paintings and drawings? You can follow him on Instagram: @anthony111artist

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Artists in the Spotlight – Anthony