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April 9 – A demotion for Catherine of Aragon and the death of Richard Bertie

On this day in Tudor history, 9th April, Catherine of Aragon, who'd been banished from the royal court, received a visit from a delegation of the king's councillors. They were there to inform her that she was no longer queen.

Catherine was a tough cookie, though. Even when she was threatened by the king, she did not submit, she carried on calling herself queen right until the end - good for her!

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Also on this day in Tudor history, 9th April 1582, Richard Bertie, member of Parliament, evangelical, and second husband of Catherine Willoughby (other married name Brandon), Duchess of Suffolk, died at Bourne in Lincolnshire. He was laid to rest in St James’s Church, Spilsby, with Catherine, who had died in 1580.

Bertie was Catherine's gentleman usher and the two became close following the death of her sons from sweating sickness.

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