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Anne of Cleves True or False Quiz

As today is the anniversary of the marriage of Anne of Cleves and Henry VIII being agreed in 1539, I thought I'd test your knowledge of this fourth wife of Henry VIII with a true or false quiz.


#1. On 4th September 1539, John, Duke of Cleves, signed the marriage treaty promising his daughter, Anne, in marriage to Henry VIII.

It was William, Duke of Cleves, Anne's brother, who signed the marriage treaty. Her father was dead.

#2. The Duke of Cleves promised a dowry of 100,000 gold florins, but Henry VIII waived it.

#3. Anne had three siblings: Sybillia, Amalia and Wilhelm (William).

#4. Anne was born in 1516.

She was born in 1515.

#5. Anne had previously been betrothed to Francis, heir to the duchy of Lorraine.

#6. Imperial ambassador, Eustace Chapuys, referred to Anne as a "Flanders Mare".

The description is not contemporary and was first used by Bishop Burnet in the 17th century.

#7. Henry VIII was excited to meet Anne and travelled to Rochester to see her on New Year's Day 1540.

#8. Anne was busy watching cock-fighting when the king entered in disguise and didn't realise it was him.

She was actually watching bull-baiting.

#9. Anne's marriage to the king lasted just six months.

#10. In January 1542, Anne was received at Hampton Court Palace by Henry VIII and Catherine Howard, and danced with Catherine.

It was in January 1541, not 1542.

#11. After the downfall of Catherine Howard, Anne hoped the king would return to her.

#12. Anne died on 16th July 1557 at her manor of Bletchingley.

She died at Chelsea Manor.


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Anne of Cleves True or False Quiz