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Anne of Brittany – Expert Talk – Rozsa Gaston

In this month's expert talk, author Rozsa Gaston introduces Anne of Brittany, who was queen consort of France to two kings, Charles VIII and Louis XII.

Rozsa will be joining us in the Chatroom on Friday 22 February at 11pm UK time.

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  1. R

    Thanks, Rozsa for a fantastic talk, very beautiful slides, beautiful tapestries and chateaux, a fantastic independent woman and patron. I know you have written three novels but would you ever write a biography of Anne of Brittany one day? Loved this talk.

    1. R

      RealTudorLady – It is possible that I might write a biography of Anne of Brittany one day, but there is so little to go on in terms of actually historical records. She was a larger than life personality, but most of what is recorded about her is in the household accounts of the vast sums of money she spent. At this time I feel I can offer a truer picture of her in the historical fiction genre. But I will keep your question in mind as I develop upcoming writing projects. Thank you for your very good question.

  2. M

    This was really interesting! Thank you, Rozsa, for a fascinating talk. I appreciated the slides that accompanied your talk, and I learned a lot. I will look for your books, and I too hope you will write a biography. Thanks again! Michelle t

    1. R

      Thank you, Michelle Tercha. If you are on Facebook, come visit the Anne of Brittany Series facebook page. I hope my books on her will give you both wisdom and enjoyment. Regards, Author Rozsa Gaston

  3. R

    Mary Tudor was eighteen, not sixteen.

    1. C

      She was indeed.

    2. R

      Thank you for the correction.

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Anne of Brittany – Expert Talk – Rozsa Gaston