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Test your knowledge on Anne Boleyn with this fun quiz.

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Anne Boleyn

Q1) Hever Castle was Anne Boleyn's childhood home but in which English county is it located?





Q2) Anne Boleyn's motto was "The Most Happy" but which motto had she used previously, albeit just for a few weeks?

No Other Will than His

Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne

Semper Eadem

God Send Me Well to Keep

Q3) Anne Boleyn chose a white falcon for her badge but what creature was used in her father's Boleyn arms?

A bull

A phoenix

A lion

An eagle

Q4) On 1 September 1532, Anne Boleyn was made Marquis of Pembroke. Where did the ceremony take place?

Hampton Court Palace

York Place

Windsor Castle

Richmond Palace

Q5) Anne Boleyn played the part of Perseverance in the 1522 Chateau Vert pageant but which part did her sister Mary play?





Q6) Which French queen consort did Anne Boleyn serve between 1515 and 1521?

Eleanor (of Austria)

Anne (of Brittany)

Joan (Duchess of Berry)

Claude (of Brittany)

Q7) Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII on 25th January 1533. Who performed the ceremony?

Thomas Cranmer

Rowland Lee

Stephen Gardiner

Thomas Wolsey

Q8) What disease was Anne Boleyn struck down with in June 1528?




Sweating sickness

Q9) Anne's brother George presented her with two illuminated manuscripts. One was a collection of readings and sermons for each Sunday of the year and the other was a French translation of which book of the Bible?





Q10) How many men ended up in prison in May 1536 when Anne Boleyn fell from power?





Q11) Where was Anne Boleyn imprisoned in May 1536?

The royal palace of the Tower of London

Bell Tower

Beauchamp Tower

Bloody Tower

Q12) Anne Boleyn was executed by a swordsman - where was he said to have come from?





Q13) In which year did Anne Boleyn's daughter Elizabeth become queen?





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  1. J

    Great quiz Claire 🙂

  2. J

    Oh eck – I’m useless!

    1. C - Post Author

      Try again! 😉

  3. N

    I was terrible!

  4. M


    Are you sure you have the good spelling for “groigne”?
    I suppose it’s a French word? Because the translation of grumble can be “grogner”.
    Maybe “groigne” is old French, because I speak French and “groigne” is definitely not a word!!! 😉

    1. C - Post Author

      “groigne” is definitely how it was spelled in Anne’s motto but then it would have been old spelling, just like her motto “The Moost Happi”. It is thought to be based on Margaret of Austria’s motto “Groigne qui groigne, Vive Bourgogne!”

    2. C

      Yes it was spelt that way in Tudor times
      Most French words were spelt as we know them now but a few were not

  5. M

    I’m a good guesser! But still, I was surprised at some of the things I know. Fun quiz!

  6. H

    Very interesting Quiz. Please carry on!

  7. K

    7/13 … I need to revise 😛

  8. j

    awesome quiz thanks for posting 8 out of 13 not bad

  9. M

    I did better than I thought I would…

    Thanks Clare!

  10. C

    Love this quiz!! 10/13…. bummed that I missed 3!!!

  11. C

    I was pleased with myself I got nine right but must admit I did guess one, the question about the motto Anne had previously used.

  12. D

    I enjoyed the quiz, I do need to brush up though!!

  13. D

    12 of 13. I waffled on the French translation and picked the wrong one.

  14. C

    Well, I learned some new things today! That was interesting~ thanks Claire 😉

  15. K

    8/13 I better keep reading and pay attention. Not so good with English geography being an Oregonian. I love quizzes and hope you will post more Claire.

  16. j

    i can do better, next time

  17. M

    Great quiz!! Always fun to see how much I know, or don’t know!!

  18. S

    Great quiz! My brain was scrambling to recall, but I did respectably I think. Thanks Claire!

  19. c

    Great! I have learned all of it I just forgot a lot, I need to brush up! More please!

  20. p

    Really interesting quiz, Claire, I need to brush up my dates! Would love more quiz or true or false puzzles. I dont know how you find the time!I am still waiting to find out names of kittens.Best wishes to you,Tim &childrenxx

  21. R

    Got 7 correct! I do need to revise.

  22. e

    What a fiasco!!! And I thought I knew Anne, back to the books!!!!

    1. R

      Same here!

  23. k

    I need to study more!!! Great quiz, thank you

  24. E

    Fun quiz .. thank you for creating it (12 out of 13!)

  25. J

    I watch a lot of Tudor drama’s, film’s and documentary’s, it’s very knowledgeable and interesting, although some of them do get the facts wrong, it’s lovely to see how the different characters are portrayed, take Cromwell for instance, i’v never seen him played so well by any actor as he was by Mark Rylance in “Wolf Hall”, and refreshing to see Damian Lewis actually look like Henry VIII.

  26. T

    Jeez just 6/13 correct for me! Im so obsessed with Tudor history too! Lol

  27. A

    Well, not too bad…didn’t know all the locations and missed the # of men arrested with Anne. Oh well!@ I’ll do better next time! THanks this is great fun!

  28. E

    Didn’t realise I knew as much as I did. Great quiz. More, please

  29. B

    Always told to never second guess your answer and I should have listened. LOL. Back to the books for me.

  30. d

    I really must brush up on my dates. I love the quiz. Need more. Thanks.

  31. B

    Celebrate I’m a Tudor genius full house, great quiz, great fun.

  32. J

    Thanks Claire great quiz but shamefully only got 6/13 Must pay more attention to dates but it was fun x

  33. S

    We all love quizzes, can you please do some more on this site but on other ppl besides A.B.? Like Queen Mary or the Grey sisters?!

    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Sierra,
      I do a quiz like this every week on The Tudor Society so there are now 29 quizzes and they cover various Tudor personalities and various Tudor/Wars of the Roses topics.

  34. J

    Yikes, I scored very poorly. How embarrassing! I am in great need of a cram-session with all of my Tudor historical bios!

  35. K

    Really enjoyed that although I only got 7/13

  36. L

    I love these quizzes!

  37. m

    I need to look into the finer details. Lol but it was a great quiz.

  38. E

    That is embarrassing!

  39. L

    Great quiz!! Got 11 of 13. . .not bad! Wish I knew French better. . .might have gotten the motto question as I have heard that but didn’t recognize it in the French. This was fun and a wonderful way to expand one’s knowledge. . .please make more!! If you can possibly find the time with all you already do! Thanks, Claire!

  40. P

    I’m very good about remembering people; exact places and years, not so much…9 of 13…

  41. J

    Very good, I did badly.

  42. J

    Very good , that fact I did not do well, but enjoyed it.

  43. S

    Really enjoyed the quiz Claire. My first one as I’ve just joined The Tudor Society recently. Didn’t do too badly in the quiz with an 8/13. I’m well pleased with that. Lots more reading and perhaps paying more attention and I might just score a 9 next time. Love the articles on the website. I’m getting really absorbed in this and loving every minute. Thanks to all the team. Best regards.

  44. E

    13/13 !!!! Queen Anne is my endless obsession! Thanks Claire for sharing this on facebook! Loved it!

  45. J

    8-13 — I’m familiar with the circumstances of the events but get a little tangled up with dates/locations. Fun quiz.

  46. S

    I loved the quiz and hope there will be more to come. Thanks Claire and hello from Switzerland

  47. E

    Godamnit! I am not too flaky!

  48. C

    Well, I thought I would do better than I did! Not too flaky!

  49. S

    Second attempt: – 13/13 Just read David Starkey’s chapter on La Anna from his book ‘Six Wives’ and a few chapters from Alison Weir’s brilliant book – ‘The Lady In The Tower’. So refreshing. So new to this, I am hesitant to put forward my opinions because I’m still in learning mode but I think Anne was a very well educated, soficticated woman who was unfortunately born into what was in the 1500’s esentially ‘a mans world’. I’m in no doubt that if she were alive today that she would be a prominent figure supporting the arts, politics and promoting reform within our multi cultural society. Can anyone reccomend further reading please?

    1. C - Post Author

      Eric Ives’s “The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn” is a must-read on Anne, it’s the best book there is on Anne. You might like to read up on Anne’s brother too – Clare Cherry and I wrote a biography on him “George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat”.

    2. D

      This isn’t exclusively about Anne, but it’s one of my Top 3 fav books of all time: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HENRY VIII by Margaret George.

  50. L

    Now that is a challenging quiz

  51. l

    My scores are very low on the quizzes, but i enjoy having a go. Hello from sunny Australia. Keep up the good work Claire, really enjoy the quizzes, talks, and all information on the Tudor Society.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you, Linda, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Society.

  52. C

    Your Ranking: Tudor history expert – Celebrate, you’re a know-it-all!

  53. h

    12/13 pretty happy with that 🙂

  54. S

    I am not to flaky. Oh, well. 6/13. Better study!

  55. T

    I kept second guessing myself. I should have stayed with my first choices.

  56. D

    Woo Hoooo… 12/13 Your Ranking: Tudor history expert – Celebrate, you’re a know-it-all!

    I am pretty happy with that; the one I missed was I mis-counted the gentlemen in my head, missing Sir Richard Page.

    But I won’t complain on that ranking !!

  57. D

    Yikes, I really blew it! I thought I was more Anne-savvy than that! But it was great fun. More quizzes, please, Claire, when you can take some time off from your impossible schedule. Thanks, Diana

    1. C - Post Author

      There are 28 other quizzes on here for members, just look in the quizzes category on the right hand menu. I do one a week. Thanks!

  58. A

    Oh well, 7/13, I think I’m a little flakey on my details, especially, like locations. I’m curious, Claire! With so many books, movie, TV etc. information, do You find the majority of Historians on all matters Tudor’get’ or use the factual details for dramatic portrayals accurately? I fell for Anne in Shottimes series, “The Tudors” and while I’ve read of much about use of inaccurate details by Writer, Producer (etc…) Michael Hirst, I must admit, he made a compelling story of Henry’s life and Anne’s both frightening and fascinating attachment to it, While I’d prefer my details straight up, I feel thrilled to have gained my own deepening attachment to Anne’s life, which has led to much of my favorite historical information quests, mostly through reading. What I often find most compelling is how much absolute detail doesn’t exist on Anne’s life and early years! As many hard facts that even Eric Ives has brought to the table, he sometimes sounds to have surmised and ruminated about certain specific details. Good news here is that Ives let’s us know when he is literally reaching for a specific ‘die hard’ fact, where otherwise the historians have been left a challenging debate always ahead of them, right where Anne’s own life story leaves us to question. She remains charming these 500+ years later, inviting us to search more diligently and to dance with such an illusive historical figure! Thank You for the information You share with us, Claire!
    ~ Amy ~

  59. O

    I hear a lady on youtube sometimes when I’m on there. She mentions the AnneBoleyn From there I found this quiz. Ok so I am not very good with King Henry’s wives. I do know who they were and what order they came. completely flubbed this one. will try to do better on the next.

  60. D

    Tudor History expert… 11/13.. not bad for an American LOL.. great quiz!!

  61. G

    Tudor History Expert 13/13 very good for a brazilian fan of the tudor history. Great quiz!!!!!

  62. T

    Opp’s 9/13 .Struggled with a few between answers . Had that nagging feeling I was wrong maybe and was going to go for another answer (which was right!!) doh !! Must try harder 🙂 Thanks for the quiz. I enjoyed it !!

  63. C

    I got 7/13 as well. Better than I expected and could use some further study. It was a lot if fun.

  64. K

    9/13! I’m so disappointed in myself XD. Gotta brush up on my history skills! Great quiz Claire, these are fun! (I like a good challenge!)

  65. F

    13/13 I’m awesome ♥

  66. d

    Gee I thought I would of been pretty good but was a disaster. Have to pay more attention to the tudors.

  67. d

    Gee I thought I would of been pretty good but was a disaster. Have to pay more attention to the tudors. Love the quiz put more up if you can. I am a english history buff. Tudors were my specialty but I have studied the royal family from before william the conquer. And Russian royal history.

  68. r

    i love it i got 8/10 :(:(:( but i love the quiz

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