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A message from Claire

Just a quick message from me at this strangest of times.

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  1. R

    Hi Claire, oh thanks for that, very encouraging. I don’t personally know someone who has died thankfully but my niece who was one of our bridesmaids had it and was in hospital for a bit. She had it moderate but got some breathing issues then recovered and went home with a respirator and steroids. She is o.k now. My taxi driver Claire knew someone who died, very sad. Glad to see you all cosy and well and safe and thanks for your message and videos and on going work.

    Steve went into hospital just before the lockdown to have a stoma reversal and massive hernia removed. He was in for two weeks and came out just after we went into lockdown the weekend before. Two days later the district nurse came to change his blood drain bottle and could not do it as did not know how and we had to go back, to the hospital, now in semi lockdown, to have it changed. The right nurses have been out since last week but we had to return today to have it removed. I had to deliver him to the ward and wait outside the ward. The security on the door at hospital took one look at his bottle and practically made sure we were given priority clearance. The staff were great. He came out with a mask on. Seriously he looked very odd. Glad to have it out though. Getting gradually more with it. We are allowed short exercise in England so he had a few paces outside.

    I love the way you are all doing the applause for the NHS, very well done. It all seems quite natural while here it had to be organised. Most people are being responsible but some idiots still need enough loo paper for the end of the world. That’s the worst thing, people were panic buying well before the lockdown. At least now if you go to a shop for essential things you have to do an orderly queue, a few people only in and the goods are rationing. We are all fine, otherwise and my mum and aunt I stocked up. Both 92 and neither wants to stay put. I have to keep telling both of them they have to every day.

    Anyway enough of my muttering, thanks again and great to hear from you all. Stay safe and well.

  2. M

    Thank you Claire and Tim! I find it comforting to keep as much normalcy as possible. Watching your videos, and watching or reading anything besides the news (they have talked “virus” nonstop for 3 months, and so tired of the doom and gloom) helps keep me sane. And, since I’m usually visiting grands on Friday and Saturdays, I actually got to attend the live chat for the first time!
    Hope you and yours stay well, and prayers go out to those coping with illness and/or loss. We’re in this together, and it will pass! I’m enjoying working from home. My coworkers only want belly rubs a few times a day, and I get to play loud music and wear pajamas. Soon enough I’ll be back in the cubicle world, where I’ll refuse to give any coworkers belly rubs 😳😂
    Take care!

  3. M

    Thanks,Claire! I’m glad you and your family are safe and well. I appreciate all you guys do. So happy to be here.
    My husband is sequestered at his plant, part of a skeleton crew working on needed product, sequestered so they have healthy workers and keep it going. I have 20 year old twin sons, both go to University of Pittsburgh, over 300 miles away. One is here at home. The other boy is still in Pittsburgh, he has a job this semester part of a co-op. He is self sufficient, and only going out for groceries. My daughter is doing online school work. So, we’re not all together, but everyone is well. Doing good!
    Michelle t

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A message from Claire