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6 November – Henry VIII abandons Catherine Howard

On this day in Tudor history, Sunday 6th November 1541, Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife, was abandoned by her husband the king at Hampton Court Palace. She would never see him again.

On the same day, Queen Catherine was visited by a delegation of king's council members and informed of allegations made against her.

What exactly happened on this day in 1541 and what has this to do with Hampton Court Palace's 'Haunted Gallery'? Find out in today's talk.

Book recommendations: "Young and Damned and Fair" by Gareth Russell; "The Remains of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury", collected and arranged by Rev. Henry Jenkyns, Volume 1 available at

Also on this day in history:

  • 1501 – Catherine of Aragon met Arthur, Prince of Wales, for the first time at Dogmersfield in Hampshire. They married eight days later at St Paul's.
  • 1514 - Mary Tudor, Queen of France, processed into Paris following her coronation the day before. Read more here.
  • 1558 – Baptism of Thomas Kyd, translator and playwright, at St Mary Woolnoth in London. Kyd is known for his play “The Spanish Tragedy”.
  • 1612 – Death of Nicholas Fitzherbert, author and former secretary of Cardinal William Allen, near Florence in Italy. Fitzherbert drowned while trying to ford a stream en route to Rome. Fitzherbert left England in the 1570s because of his Catholic faith and to study law at Bologna. In 1580, while he was in Italy, he was attainted of treason back in England due to his Catholic faith. He was buried at Florence, in the Benedictine abbey.
  • 1617 – Death of William Harborne, merchant and diplomat, at Mundham in Norfolk, Harborne served Elizabeth I as the English ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in Constantinople. He was buried at Mundham.

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  1. M

    I love Gareth Russell’s bio of Catherine Howard. After borrowing it from the library, twice, in less than 2yrs, I finally got myself my own copy. It is very highly readable. It’s a great book. Thanks for the interesting video! Michelle t

  2. R

    So was Henry Viii contemplating a divorce at this point because he didn’t arrest Kathryn, so he wasn’t at this point saying she had committed adultery. Kathryn was hiding the truth and not saying anything, obviously working out her next move. She was upset, but probably not as hysterical as legend would have it. She must have been worried and didn’t know why she had been held in her apartments, not locked up in one room, not just with one maid, so she must have wondered what was happening.

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6 November – Henry VIII abandons Catherine Howard