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5 August – Sir Reginald Bray

On this day in Tudor history, 5th August 1503, in the reign of King Henry VII, administrator Sir Reynold or Reginald Bray died.

Who was Bray? What offices had he held? And what are his links to Westminster Abbey and St George's Chapel?

Find out more in this edition of #TudorHistoryShorts...

On this day in Tudor history, 5th August 1600, John Ruthven, 3rd Earl of Gowrie, and his brother, Alexander Ruthven, Master of Ruthven, were killed in mysterious circumstances at Gowrie House near Perth in Scotland.

Why am I talking about a Scottish event? Well, because the brothers were killed as they allegedly tried to kidnap, King James VI of Scotland, who, in 1603, inherited the English throne from Queen Elizabeth I.

But what happened? Did these men really try to kidnap the king or was there more to the story?

Find out...

On this day in Tudor history, 5th August 1549, during the reign of King Edward VI, son of King Henry VIII, the Battle of Clyst St Mary took place near Exeter, in Devon. It was part of the Prayer Book Rebellion, a rebellion against the religious measures of King Edward's government.

Find out what what provoked this rebellion and what happened when the Crown's forces got to Clyst St Mary...

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5 August – Sir Reginald Bray