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30 October – Henry VII is crowned king

On this day in Tudor history, 30th October 1485, Henry Tudor, 2nd Earl of Richmond and son of Lady Margaret Beaufort and the late Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond, was crowned King Henry VII at Westminster Abbey in London.

Henry VII had of course become king following the defeat of King Richard III's forces, and the death of Richard, at the Battle of Bosworth Field in August 1485.

Find out about his coronation celebrations and his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort's reaction to Henry's coronation in today's talk:

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1549 - Following the arrest of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, a royal proclamation was issued accusing “certain lewd and seditious persons (more favouring the said Duke than remembering their duties to his highness and natural country” of causing “sedition and division” and saying that “the good laws made for religion should now be altered and abolished and the old Romish service, mass, and ceremonies eftsoons renewed and revived”. As Diarmaid MacCulloch points out, this was an “emphatic reaffirmation that the evangelicals were in charge at Westminster”.

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30 October – Henry VII is crowned king