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28 April – 82-year-old priest executed in Scotland

In this latest #TudorHistoryShorts video, I talk about eighty-two-year-old priest Walter Mylne, who sadly lost his life on 28th April 1558.

On this day in Tudor history, 28th April 1548 (some sources say 6 May), courtier, diplomat, soldier and Keeper of Oatlands Palace, Sir Anthony Browne, died at Byfleet in Surrey. He had been one of Henry VIII’s most important and richest courtiers and was also involved in the falls of two queens: Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves.

Find out more about this man and how he was involved in the falls of the two Annes...

On this day in history, 28th April 1603, the last Tudor monarch, Queen Elizabeth I, was laid to rest at Westminster Abbey in a lavish funeral. Find out more about her burial and resting place...

Something was definitely going on at the court of Henry VIII by 28th April 1536! Long council meetings, experts consulted, the Lady Mary being given hope for the future... Anne Boleyn was definitely in danger.

What do the primary sources tell us about what was going on?

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28 April – 82-year-old priest executed in Scotland