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27 August – Battle of Dussindale

On this day in Tudor history, 27th August 1549, the Battle of Dussindale took place near Norwich, in East Anglia. It ended Kett’s Rebellion once and for all.

I explain what happened on that day in 1549 and what happened to the rebels who survived the battle.

To find out more about Kett's Rebellion, see my August 25 video -

Also on this day in history:

  • 1557 – The storming of St Quentin by English and Imperial forces. Admiral de Coligny and his French troops, numbering only a thousand, were overcome by around 60,000 soldiers, and St Quentin fell. Henry Dudley, the youngest son of the late John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, was killed by a cannonball during the storming.
  • 1590 – Death of Pope Sixtus V at Rome.
  • 1610 – Funeral of Lady Anne Bacon (née Cooke), mother of Sir Francis Bacon, at St Michael's Church, near St Albans. Anne was the daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke, and was known for her translation of John Jewel's “Apologie of the Church of England”.

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27 August – Battle of Dussindale