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21 May – William Tyndale’s Arrest

Today is the anniversary of reformer and Bible translator William Tyndale's arrest in Antwerp on 21st May 1535, after he was betrayed.

Why was Tyndale arrested and why didn't King Henry VIII help him when he had the chance?

In today's video, I explain what happened to Tyndale on this day, why the king refused to help him, and what happened next.

Also on this day in history:

  • 1471 - Henry VI, King of England and Lord of Ireland, Duke of Aquitaine, died at the Tower of London. The chronicle “The Historie of the arrivall of Edward IV” recorded him dying “of pure displeasure and melancholy”, but many believe that he was in fact killed on Edward IV's orders.
  • 1508 – Death of Giles Daubenay, 1st Baron Daubeney, administrator, soldier, and diplomat. He was buried in St Paul's Chapel, Westminster Abbey.
  • 1524 – Death of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk, courtier, magnate and soldier, and grandfather of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. He was created Duke of Norfolk in 1514 as a reward for his part in the English victory at the Battle of Flodden.
  • 1527 – Birth of Philip II of Spain, King of Spain and consort of Mary I, at Valladolid, Spain. He was the son of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and Isabella of Portugal.
  • 1558 – Death of William Glyn, Bishop of Bangor, at Bangor. He was buried in Bangor Cathedral.
  • 1580 – Death of Sir John Thynne, member of Parliament and builder of Longleat. He was buried at Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire.

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  1. R

    Arrested after being contacted by a double agent working for the government was a typical way of catching people who were heretics or religious dissidents of either persuasion which is why you had to be super careful. Anne’s own influence was fading by the time Tyndale was arrested and neither she or Cromwell could help him. He was granted his books so was able to continue his translation, which although by modern research into better sources, not available then, had errors, was nonetheless a great achievement. Excellent recommendation for a documentary, very well done and Bragg went to the castle were he was held in Antwerp. Trying to think of a good book, the only one I can think is an old one “God’s Smuggler” The Story of William Tyndale. It was written in the 1980s and is only a short paperback but is an excellent introduction.

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21 May – William Tyndale’s Arrest