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  • October 5 – Edward Seymour’s actions lead to his undoing

    On this day in Tudor history, 5th October 1549, in the reign of King Edward VI, Lord Protector Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, ordered a gathering of men at Hampton Court Palace.

    Somerset was lodged at the palace with the young King Edward VI due to tensions mounting between the Lord Protector and John Dudley, Earl of Warwick.

    But what was going on and what happened when 4,000 peasants turned up?

    How did the Earl of Warwick react and what did the king have to say about it all?

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  • October 4 – Sir Francis Bigod, a Tudor rebel

    On this day in Tudor history, 4th October 1507, Tudor rebel Sir Francis Bigod, was born at Seaton, in Hinderwell, Yorkshire.

    Bigod is known for an uprising he led in Yorkshire in January 1537 after the Pilgrimage of Grace Rebellion had been brought to an end.

    Bigod was an evangelical reformer rather than a Catholic, so why would he be involved with the Pilgrimage of Grace? Why did he rebel and what happened to him…

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  • October 3 – Cardinal Wolsey celebrates a treaty

    On this day in Tudor history, 3rd October 1518, King Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, sang a mass to the king and the French ambassadors at St Paul’s Cathedral.

    Wolsey was celebrating a treaty that had been made between England and France.

    The celebrations also included a banquet and a lavish masque of lords and ladies dressed beautifully and disguised with masking hoods. Among those disguised were some well-known courtiers, people like Sir Francis Bryan and Bessie Blount, Henry VIII’s mistress.

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  • October 2 – Henry VIII’s sister, Mary Tudor, sets sail for France

    On this day in Tudor history, 2nd October 1514, in the reign of King Henry VIII, Princess Mary Tudor set sail for France.

    The eighteen-year-old sister of Henry VIII was saining from Dover to France in order to marry fifty-two-year-old King Louis XII of France.

    Find out about the arrangements for the journey, who was at Dover, how the bad weather affected Mary’s crossing to Boulogne, and what happened next…

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  • October 1 – A bishop and royal tutor

    On this day in Tudor history, 1st October 1500, in the reign of King Henry VII, John Alcock, Bishop of Ely, died at Wisbech Castle.

    As well as being a clergyman, John Alcock had been a scholar and he’d served as a royal tutor and administrator.

    Alcock had been a tutor to Prince Edward, the son of King Edward IV and the future King Edward V, who, of course, has gone down in history as one of the Princes in the Tower. Alcock also christened another prince.

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