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2 January 1492 – King Boabdil surrenders Granada to Ferdinand and Isabella

On 2nd January 1492, King Boabdil (or Abu `Abdallah Muhammad XII), Sultan of Granada, surrendered Granada, Spain, to the forces of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile following months of siege.

Granada had been the last outpost of Al-Andalus, the parts of the Iberian peninsula governed by the Moors, but now it had been conquered by the Catholic monarchs as the final act of the "Reconquista", which had been a campaign running since the 1200s to kick the Moors out of Spain.

Here's a Claire Chats video I did on my visit to the Alhambra, the former Moorish palace where Ferdinand and Isabella flew their royal banners after they captured Granada.

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    hi my name is richard mila de la roca and im trying to find out what my lineal descandancy is concerning the name mila de la roca im thinking that queen izabella gave him the name falcon of the rock for being the vicar of the battle of granada all i know is that he was not born blue blood but had blue on the crest which had a castle on one side with 2 fluer de lis and a faint star of david above the castle and on the other side is a falcon with wings stretched and talons flared. can you tell me anything about the origans of mila de la roca. im pretty sure the communists destroyed alot of our history.

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2 January 1492 – King Boabdil surrenders Granada to Ferdinand and Isabella