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2 February – The Feast of Candlemas

In today's video, I talk about the Feast of Candlemas and the traditions associated with it.

You can find the Feast Days e-book on our Tudor Society E-book series page.

Also on this day in history:

  • 1508 – Death of John Argentine, physician and Provost of King's College, Cambridge. He died at King's College and was buried there in the Chantry Chapel. Argentine was physician to Prince Arthur, son of Henry VII, and was also said to be the last man to attend on the Princes in the Tower.
  • 1550 - Sir Francis Bryan, courtier, diplomat, poet and a man nicknamed “the Vicar of Hell”, died suddenly at Clonmel in Ireland.
  • 1575 – Death of John Parkhurst, Bishop of Norwich, probably at Ludham, Norfolk. He was buried in the nave of Norwich Cathedral. He had become Bishop of Norwich in 1560, after his return to England from exile in Mary I's reign. Parkhurst was Chaplain to Queen Catherine Parr, and also to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and his wife, Katherine (née Willoughby).
  • 1597 – Burial of James Burbage, joiner, actor and theatre builder, in Holywell Street, Shoreditch. Burbage acted in Leicester's Men and built “The Theatre”, a playhouse in Shoreditch, with his brother, Robert.
  • 1597 – Death of James Morice, lawyer and member of Parliament. He hoped to be made Attorney-General, but he angered Elizabeth I in 1593 by causing a heated debate in Parliament when he claimed that church courts were acting against the “Magna Carta”. He was temporarily put under house arrest.

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  1. M

    He DIDN’T see his shadow! Early spring! Woo-hoo! I found this so interesting. I didn’t know the groundhog legend stems from Candlemas. This was fascinating. Thanks! Michelle t

  2. M

    There’s a Polish tradition to keep Christmas cards that feature the Wise men up, over your door, throughout the year. It’s supposed to encourage fortune, wealth, something like that.

  3. L

    Yes I wasn’t aware of the link between Candlemas and Groundhog Day either, very interesting, thank you!

  4. R

    Don’t believe in goblins. Mine upstairs are actually still up. Might take them down soon.

    Interesting links but the poor groundhog, warm and snug, pulled out and waved in the air, just for a party to begin. Poor groundhog! Back into his den for warmth.

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2 February – The Feast of Candlemas