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19 May – Anne Boleyn’s execution

On this day in Tudor history, 19th May 1536, Henry VIII's second wife, Queen Anne Boleyn, was executed at the Tower of London.

Find out more, and hear some of her final words, in this #TudorHistoryShorts video...

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The 19th May 1536 was an incredibly hard day for the queen's friend, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. Not only did he have a visit from a friend regarding a terrifying vision, in the early hours... Not only did he have to cope with the idea of his friend and patron being beheaded, but he had to issue a dispensation for the king to marry again!

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On 19th May 1554, the future Queen Elizabeth I was released from the Tower of London after two months of imprisonment. It was the anniversary of her mother Queen Anne Boleyn's execution.

Elizabeth wasn't free, though, she was released into house arrest.

Why? Why had she been imprisoned in the Tower and what happened next?

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19 May – Anne Boleyn’s execution